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21 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need a Website

So you think you can cut costs and time by not having a website for your small business? You’re crazy not to invest some minimal cash into having an official online presence. Yes, it’s 2013 and some small businesses still don’t have websites! Why? Why don’t they have a website? Are they too busy to […]

10 Helpful Resources for Web Developers

Yes, there are books, and tutorials, and classes and downloads. BUT, who has the time for all that? Here are ten quick resources for web developers for those things you just don’t memorize or keep printed out. There are so many sites to sift through but these seem to stand out. Bookmark these sites and […]

11 Tips To Getting a New Website Up NOW

One of the biggest road blocks to getting a new website, or an existing website redesign up and running is just taking that first step.  Below is a list of eleven idea generators and quick tips to get you started on that new awesome website that you SHOULD have had by now or revamping that […]

Twitter + Instagram = Quit Facebook?

I’m really considering deactivating my Facebook account and going with just Twitter and Instagram. Even though Facebook now owns Instagram, it’s nowhere near the messy photo album morass of Zuckerberg Land. If I want to share photos on Twitter I can, but I’d much rather use Instagram where people are on there to see photos. […]

Go Mobile, or Go Home

It’s kinda like that phrase, “go big, or go home,” but actually it should be more like “go flexible, or go home.” You’ve got a website. You have great content. You have conversions. But…when I pull up your site on my iPhone, I have to pinch-and-zoom. I have to scroll, zoom, and hunt for your […]

WordPress Child Theme Development is Like Making A Sandwich

WordPress Child Theme Development is Like Making A Sandwich As I learn more about the powerful tool that is WordPress, I find that even web developers can say “mazel tov” when tweaking their site code. We’ve all heard of parent and child relationships for menu items (ie, drop down menus have submenu items called “children.”) […]

Pinterest Web Analytics

Pinterest Analytics! Now you have more things to analyze. Pinterest is offering web analytics from their site. See your pin rates and counts and other fun stuff. Video here: Pinterest Web Analytics Walkthrough from Pinterest on Vimeo.

Happy Overhaulidays…

It’s that time of year again, the holidays, rushing around, days or weeks off (lucky you), and a slow-down of incoming business (zzz…). Now is the perfect time to overhaul your website. Stare at your screen, look at what you see everyday. Try to imagine what your audience sees. Hit the drawing board and rework […]

Pesky Facebook Link Posts

Ever notice when you post a link on Facebook that a snippet of text and graphics go with it? Did you ever wonder why sometimes the link and corresponding text and graphic aren’t relevant? If so, then learn how to take control of Facebook links from your site by adding Open Graph meta tags to […]

Web Marketing Continues to Evolve

Here is a great article from NYTimes about web marketing and how it’s shifting and evolving: