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I’m really considering deactivating my Facebook account and going with just Twitter and Instagram. Even though Facebook now owns Instagram, it’s nowhere near the messy photo album morass of Zuckerberg Land.

If I want to share photos on Twitter I can, but I’d much rather use Instagram where people are on there to see photos. Yes, there may be too many food and pet photos on Insta, but it’s still better than the dregs of everyone posting all sorts of crap on the Book of Face. People give Instagram a little more thought. They put a little more effort into their photo posts and they want to see your photos too. I’m somehow less inclined to deluge people with my kids’ photos on Instagram than on Facebook. Plus, you can search by hashtags for photos on Instagram thus making discovery and sharing of photos much easier (and not limited to friends only).

Twitter and Instagram are more about focused interactions. I have a quick thing to say on Twitter and I do. I have more control of who sees what I say, and I can get credit or retweets that may spread elsewhere to new people. There’s more of a discreetness about Twitter. Not everyone is on it, for one. Also, my mom isn’t on it. I can also more easily have multiple Twitter accounts than I can have Facebook accounts. I have three Twitter accounts – one for me, one for my website biz, and one for my crass alter-ego. It’s just easier than posting to groups on Facebook or having to readjust who sees what.

So, for me, with Twitter and Instagram I can basically have the Facebook experience but without all the ads, bloat and crap. It’s all about segmented control. I like my Instatwit. It’s more enjoyable on Twittergram than on Zuckerbook. Do I really need to quit Facebook? I don’t know yet, but I’m getting close. Extended breaks from Facebook are good, and maybe a slow phase out. Regardless, I recommend you give it a try and see if you agree.