Current & Past Clients

Web Development & Maintenance

Website edits, updates, page creation, new features, refinements, forms, templates, plugin testing, new functions, style tweaks and improvements, and all around website maintenance. Mainly WordPress-based clients, but also Drupal and WebFlow.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Digital marketing ads, display ads, text ads, retargeting ads, managing campaigns, managing Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Bing accounts. Creation of new ad campaigns, A/B testing for ads and campaigns, fine-tuning existing campaigns and ads. Video ad creation and video editing. Email marketing and creation of templates, emails, and accounts in MailChimp and Constant Contact.

SEO & Accessibility

Search engine optimization of full sites, single pages, ad copy, page copy, menus, links, blog posts, emails, etc. to help promote higher rankings in organic search. Accessibility edits and updates for content, navigation, images, videos, and more.