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ten-resources-for-web-developersYes, there are books, and tutorials, and classes and downloads. BUT, who has the time for all that? Here are ten quick resources for web developers for those things you just don’t memorize or keep printed out. There are so many sites to sift through but these seem to stand out. Bookmark these sites and get cracking!

  1. Character Code (
    HTML Code, Hexadecimal Code and HTML Entity for ASCII characters. This list is ordered in an alphabetical kind of way. Don’t strain your face by using the other ASCII table reference sites.
  2. One Div (
    It’s a single element HTML and CSS database that shows icons and how to code them in both languages. You can also download a zip of the code as well. *See Pac-man at the end of this post.
  3. Code Visually (
    A great site with resources, new tools, solutions. It’s like a library for open source projects.
  4. Pictaculous (
    This clever site is simple. It takes an uploaded image and creates a color palette based on the colors in that image. Cool…
  5. Google Webfonts (
    Use Google’s fonts to spice up any website just by using code to reference it. Break the chains of Arial 12 and enjoy “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” in a different font!
  6. Balsamiq (
    A great mockup wireframing tool for sketching interfaces to make idea generation quicker. Share with your clients to get quick feedback.
  7. Bootstrap (
    A great framework for designing sites that look great on desktops and mobile devices. It’s a responsive, grid-based theme with plugins, forms and tons of components. Slick.
  8. WordPress (
    Obviously. Build quick, clean, beautiful sites with the current web development standards. Thousands of great plugins, widgets, and themes to get your site up in a jiffy. Do it.
  9. By People (
    UI designers, this is a great tool for building slick CSS menus with all the code included. You can even download the source files for ALL the things.
  10. Shit For Making Websites (
    Just what it says. It’s a blog with quick links to all the latest goodies, tricks, resources and more. It’s the shit.

So there you have it. Some quick resources to help you make your next site development a breeze. Hope it helps. Any questions? Give us a holler. Contact us.